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AIQ Control Strategies

Unrivalled Total Cost of Ownership

Whether it be lithium-ion, lithium-air, lithium-sulphur or solid-state, high internal resistance restricts the battery’s ability to charge fast and save fuel in hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs).

AIQ Control Strategies leverage the low internal resistance of ultracapacitors to deliver on-demand energy for battery-less HEVs. AIQ Control Strategies enable breakthrough fuel and emissions economy without regenerative braking, whilst overcoming the traditional problems associated with ultracapacitors: voltage-drop, unstable current, and cost.

AIQ empowers the vehicle manufacturer to package emissions or CAFE compliance with total cost of ownership value and/or increased performance.

Fuel Gauge

Fuel-efficient Proven up to 40% fuel-save


Fewer EmissionsLess after-treatment required


Low Cost < 1 year payback possible


High PerformanceTorque for customer delight

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Business Model

Ayata IQ is an innovation company that supplies its intellectual property and know-how in ultracapacitor HEV control strategy to vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers (Development Partners) in two-wheeler, three-wheeler, passenger vehicle, on-highway commercial vehicle, off-highway commercial vehicle, and marine vessel markets.

The first step for engaging with Ayata IQ is through custom simulations. Ayata IQ has developed a low-cost process that can be applied onto any combination of engine fuel map, drive cycle and platform. This provides visibility of fuel save & cost, allowing the Development Partner to quickly evaluate risk prior to physical prototyping. Ayata IQ jointly develops control strategy with the Development Partner during product development, all other aspects of product development are controlled by the Development Partner or OEM.

The commercial relationship is defined in a license agreement with three types of payments; Technology Fees - paid on milestones during product development; Platform Fees - paid at the beginning of each product development program; and Royalties - paid per AIQ powered vehicle produced.

Until drivers can e-charge in less than 5 minutes, anywhere at anytime, ICE will rule the roads

Why Ayata IQ

Ayata IQ seeks more collaboration with less control as a means to accelerate the adoption of ultracapacitor HEV. Ayata IQ empowers the Development Partner with a wide scope for innovation including; hybrid control unit, system and component hardware, packaging, and manufacturing. Through collaboration Ayata IQ instills genuine shared ownership with Development Partners.


Innovation Leadership

Ayata IQ is the pioneer of ultracapacitor HEV control strategy with five years experience in the field and a patent portfolio that provides a stable foundation for investment. Ayata IQ is continually innovating to ensure it supplies the Development Partner with the state of the art technology.


Competitive Advantage

Ayata IQ believes champions of new technology deserve a competitive advantage. As a boutique company Ayata IQ is able to grant preferred technology access to Development Partners that deliver on commercial milestones in first mover application categories and markets.


Open Collaboration

Under license agreement, Ayata IQ may empower the Development Partner to independently design, develop and improve AIQ Control Strategy for its own platforms, with no hidden charges. This reduces the cost of product development, new model releases, and compliance.

The ability of a HEV powertrain to save fuel depends on its ability to charge fast

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Fazul Huq

Fazul Huq Engineering Director

Craig Hembrow

Craig Hembrow Managing Director

Fazul Hul

Fazul Hul Founder

Fazul is a world-class lead engineer in Global automotive. With over 15 years experience in the industry Fazul has worked on global powertrain programs with major OEM’s including Holden Ltd, General Motors and Ford Australia. He has worked in Thailand, USA, Australia, and Ricardo’s Livonia office in Detroit. This has included Global Powertrain Platforms used in brands such as GM, Opel, SAAB, Alfa Romeo and Ford (HFV6). The technical projects have been as diverse as blank sheet of paper global engine design to global vehicle platforms sold in 42 countries around the world.

Craig Hembrow

Craig Hembrow CoFounder

Craig has a strong track record in the fields of marketing and legal strategy. He is a highly skilled negotiator with a focus to deliver win-win outcomes that develop sustainable relationships. As CMO, Craig has established working relationships with several major OEM’s and Tier One Manufacturers in Asia. Craig’s entrepreneurial drive and creative approach to business engagement has allowed him to by-pass the traditional barriers to technology commercialization, reducing the cost and time to get to market for the company.

Bill Byass

Bill Byass Business Advisor

Bill is an industry guru with 20 years experience in India. He has demonstrated strong engineering, finance and risk management skills. Over his illustrious career Bill holds an impressive track record in automotive electrical systems manufacture and distribution. Bill also holds a position as Director in Aditya Auto Products & Engineering (I) Pvt Ltd. Bill has vested interests in Ayata IQ.

Michael Lindroos

Michael Lindroos Business Advisor

Michael is a management specialist with 23 years of experience in commercialising technologies, marketing and sales. He has been involved in start-up companies since 1996, supporting several capital raisings and IPO’s. His key strengths are in intellectual property strategy and valuation, project planning and management, and strategic partnerships. Michael is also Owner of Romteck PTM Pty Ltd. Michael has been advising Ayata IQ for six years.

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